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A relaxing lunch in the middle of Your busy day!

A place with a history worth sharing!

Bread baked fresh daily for over 53 years! Same location, same crazy Italian family!

Antone’s Italian Food started back in 1965 before almost any sandwich places were around.

Dad wanted to be CEO of his own company and mom was a great cook and so the beginnings of Antone’s:) In the beginning, my parents made family size meals to go such as Italian enchiladas, Italian Shrimp and Rice, Lasagna and homemade Ravioli! Those creations were prepared in-between raising 4 kids! Then the story goes that Dad was helping out a buddy at his bakery and he learned to make bread from him(mom already knew how from her mom) and they decided that they could make even better bread and sell it at our small business along with the meals. This change began in the mid-sixties and was the beginning of our famous Sandwiches turned into Grinders:) I believe the term/slang Grinders came from the East coast where my dad grew up in Massachusetts. As the years went by, my parents realized the need for fast food to go and the desire for good sandwiches on home baked bread was very strong in Riverside. It helped that some of the kids in the family were finally old enough to reach the counter and be able to make grinders and the business began to increase year after year! Eventually, the building space inside of the business doubled and the business was off to the races(ha-ha). It’s been going strong ever since. Riverside has been very good to our family over the years!

Customers love our Restaurant

53 years of experience and practice

“... I have been going to Antones since the mid-60s. As far as I am concerned their sub sandwiches are the best anywhere! The bread is to die for! It is a family owned place and you always feel like part of their family.”
Sharon Tyler
“...I'm 67 and living in Hesperia. I was born in Riverside and graduated from Ramona. I've been coming here since I was in high school and am still coming down the hill to get my roast beef sub. I CRAVE it. When they close in the summer for vacation I cry. Actually I'm coming down tomorrow for lunch and to take home a dozen!...”
Kathleen Irving

Catering & Events

Celebrate your special day or just a small family gathering see our catering menu for the Antone’s Italian touch.  we will  help to make your day tasty & enjoyable.

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